Vegas Edit pro 14


Is anyone using Edit Pro 14 with Waves plugin's I'm building a new set up and I've heard Vegas 13 and 14 are having problems with audio stutter and glitches etc during playback with waves 64 bit plugins. Any experience here?
I use Magix Movie Studio Platinum 13 (just a slightly pared down version compared to Vegas), and it's always had problems with Waves plugins. I can turn up the ASIO buffer size on my interface and it helps, but doesn't solve the problem completely. There's just some horrible inefficient use of the audio path when plugins are applied.

It's irritating as heck. Coupled with its total refusal to use GPU acceleration for rendering, I've about had it with this product line of software. I'm looking to move to another editing product but I can't find any other good ones that have VST support without using an external audio editor.
Soundforge isn't much better with plugins, especially once you've put more than a few in a chain.