VariSpeed and time alignment between tracks


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I was thinking today while recording to my multitrack reel to reel, I had a track that everything sounded out of time, but when I changed the varispeed; to probably its correct time, it seemed to come back together. So I was wondering, would varispeed do this? or is it some pyscho acoustic thing?
Not really, just how we all respond differently to latency. I can work in my DAW perfectly as long as the latency value is 11mS or shorter - but my colleague who is a concert pianist, with perfect pitch starts to go mad once latency rises over 8! So varispeed shortens the delay - BUT - my friend could not cope with the pitch change it introduces. To him an E that is actually E and a half is like nails on a blackboard. The fact that we all respond differently perhaps does put it into the pyscho acoustic thing? Or maybe just triggers nerves.