V U metering is now only monitoring one device, yesterday it monitored all I/O.wtf?


idiots unite!
Hey guys, been a while. Yesterday I decided to go from XP to Windows 7, so I made the change, all appeared well, except that I noticed my VU metering was only monitoring a stereo output.

Normally I would see many 'pairs' of VU's as I output and input to a Motu 24i/o.

After much farking around, I decided to go back to XP, only to find the meters will only show a stereo pair again, regardless of arming lots or a few inputs/outputs.

I've been using AA1.5 for many, many years very successfully, now this. I know, I shouldn't have stuffed around with what was working fine, but I did.

Guys, any assistance or ideas would be welcome; it could be a simple thing that I've overlooked, that'd be good.



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Cheers Strryder. I managed to solve it, nothing I could find in settings that had changed and caused this. So I went back to XP, installed Adobe Audition 3 (woohoo) and set up ASIO. Sweet now, and waaay betterer than before!