Using MIDI controller with only USB connection for hardware synths

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Hey y'all,

I have several different MIDI keyboard controllers. Two of them are 25-key, and one of them is 61-key.The 61-key is an M-Audio Oxygen. I like this controller a lot, but the big thing about it is that it only has a USB out. It doesn't have a MIDI out jack. So it's powered and transmits MIDI data to the computer via a USB cable.

That's great for using VSTs. But I'd like to use it for playing hardware synths, too.

(My audio interface is a Tascam US-1800, FYI.)

Right now, if I want to control one of my hardware synths, such as a Korg Volca Keys, with my Oxygen 61, I can open up Reaper, open a track and select MIDI input. Then I send that track to the MIDI out jack of the Tascam interface to the MIDI jack of the Korg Volca. This works great, but it's a bit cumbersome.

I'm wondering if there's a way that I can do this without having to open up Reaper and route the keyboard through the MIDI out jack.

Maybe there's some piece of hardware I don't know about? Is there something that would allow me to go in USB, get power (from a DC cord), and then send a MIDI cable out? Something like that would work. Or maybe there's something else?

Thanks for any input!


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This is not straight forward, and I am not even sure it will work. But you should be able to use all MIDI connections and then use the MIDI address to "route" it to the sound (module or keyboard) you want. I am not sure why what you have is bad, but seems once it is connected, and both MIDI inputs/outputs are recognized, then it is just a matter of setting the channels.

Or am I not understanding problem correctly?

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I'm thinking you're not understanding the problem.

The 61-key controller has no MIDI out jack. It only has a USB jack. So it's powered and sends MIDI data through the USB cord. So I can't use all MIDI connections.

The problem with what I have now is that, in order to play my Volca Keys with my 61-key controller, I have to start up Reaper, which is just an extra step I'd rather not have to worry about.

I have an Axiom 25-key controller that has both a USB connection, MIDI jacks, and a power jack. So with that, I can just turn on the Axiom, run a MIDI cable to the Korg Vocla, and play away. The computer doesn't need to be involve at all. The only issue with that is that it's only 25 keys, so it's not the best for all kinds of performance. (It's fine for programming though.)

I actually found this device, which seems to do what I need:

In other words, it allows me to plug my 61-key controller into it via USB, and then it has a MIDI out jack. It also has its own power, so I can just plug this unit into the wall (via a USB adapter plug). This way, I should (assuming it does what it says) be able to use the 61-key controller without involving the computer at all if I want.

We'll know soon enough, as it should be here on Thursday. :)


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After I saw that link I understand. You want to use it without the computer. Gotcha, if this gives out good USB power, this should work just fine.

If it has been awhile, out goes to in and then you can daisy chain. Then channels, etc. I am thinking, if you are going to this trouble, you might start thinking about sound modules and such.

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Good news! The MidiPlus does what it says. It's working great. Now I can use my Oxygen 61 to control my VSTs (by plugging into the computer) or my analog synths (without having to mess with the computer at all). :)


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hey famous beagle , ive recently got a volca keys and an axiom 25. how do i midi sync them? i know the volca changes channels powering on having pressed the memory button. but i cant find how to do that on the axiom, the manual is so confusing... and to be honest i know nothing about midi. can you help? thanks.