Using Logic x and iTunes with sound flower


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I've been trying to run iTunes through logic using sound flower, I can get it to work, But I also want to use my audio interface to run mic's and guitars etc... I've tried to use sound flower as an aggregate device, also multi-output, not having any luck getting them both to work simultaneously. Any tips would be much appreciated
I've been trying to run iTunes through logic using sound flower, I can get it to work,

Your a better man than me, I gave up on that after a couple hours (years ago)
My question to you is why are you trying to do this? Is it too play along with songs? What I would do would be, import the sound file into logic and make it an individual project for that song and record your mic's and guitar on different tracks.
Hey! Thanks for responding! I'm still working on it... I'm playing some music (DJ'ing) for a party of a friend of mine. Using a MBP firewire 800 to 400 in to a Digi 003R+, out to PA.
I guess my basic goal, is to run Virtual DJ7, or/and iTunes through a stereo track in Logic Pro 10.2.0. utilising plug-ins, eq etc...
As well as running mic's,and DI's, in to the 003 and Logic.
I can use the 003 as an audio device, iTunes plays directly through it, out to the PA, Logic (mic's and DI's) also work fine at the same time, which is cool, it's just not playing through logic.....

I'm trying different combinations of the Sound flower app, as well as VDJ output, aggregate, and multi-output device.

this should be really easy. I do this all the time (with Protools) to record streams or live events.
Sometimes I use spdif loop when I remember that I have it. Other times I use soundflower.

SPDIF loop is the easier option because you don't need to worry about aggregate devices.
If you can do that, just set system output to SPDIF in Audio/Midi setup, then arm an input track in logic with SPDIF set as input.
It really should be that easy!

You could also do it with a dual line I/O. Just be sure to use 3+4 or higher to avoid main channel feedback.
Yeah, sure it's two stages of unnecessary conversion but if you can hear that, fair play.

If those aren't options for some reason then, yeah, soundflower and aggregate device is the way forward.

Create the device and take note of the I/O order.
You need to know that soundflower I/O is 9+10 or whatever it happens to be.
Set system output to soundflower and logic input track armed with soundflower as input.
Your main outputs may need to be set up again, depending on which way around the aggregate device has ordered things.

Hope that's useful.