Using limiters on drums

Is that with the interface gains all the way down? I generally just set me mic pre gains so drums peak around -12 to -6 dB.
Yes, that was with the input gain all the way down on the Octo Pre. I think it was specifically the overheads that were too loud. Also some drummers hit the drums so hard I just put limiters on all of them for safety.
I've recorded a lot of drums, and record dry. Any fiddling around happens after the recording. A really good drummer works wonders--I've had it easy. I know that Steve Albini, who uses tape, has a meticulous set-up and I think he uses a little compression on something (the snare?), and he uses the desk inputs to save time and setup. No trick mic pres, and he gets a good sound to say the least.
Keep in mind that the OP was recording drums to two tracks (stereo) tape so compressing and limiting post would be affecting the whole kit.
There's more than one way to skin a cat and it's not "wrong" to compress during tracking. Nothing is "wrong" in recording. It's a creative endeavor. What matters is, are the results what YOU want? But the same applies to trying to cookie cutter your recording technique. Nothing sounds worse than reading a Tape Op or whatever magazine and then trying to straight up wholesale copy what "the pros" are doing. "The pros" learn their equipment in and out through meticulous and careful attention to detail. That's why it sounds good--in case you missed it there has been a great demonstration of exactly this fact this month when Josh from JHS pedals made a $50 used guitar pedal sound like half a dozen boutique fancy guitar pedals. Skill is greater than gear.