Using a reverb pan on a Soundcraft Spirit Monitor 2


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I can't find any Aux/send outs on this monitor mixer. I think they only put them on the Soundcraft Live board. Is there any other way (besides using the 200ohm headphone jack)
to get a signal to the fax return. I have one RCA jack to 1/4" for the in and the same for the out. I need at least 150 to 200ohms to make it work according to accutronics. My board has
2 effects returns but no aux send. Thanks for your time. See picsIMG_0848.JPGIMG_0849.JPGIMG_0849.JPG
Er - the blue sends on the channels go to the red fader channels - which are all outs - so unless you are using all of them for monitors, you just use those to squirt out to your reverb, and bring it back into a couple of channels, just making sure those channels do not send to the reverb group you are sending out - or it feeds back. Monitor desks are quite workable - sends 9-10 and 11-12 can be switched to post fade send, which is what you want for reverb - so the normal way would be to send in stereo via 9 and 10 - bring that back into a channel pair, rather than waste a stereo return unless you are 'full'.
Nope I am not full. Going to use only 16 faders. So I assume I have two effects returns, then for stereo I would have to get "Y" jacks for the return into the board and use an XLR to RCA out from 11 or 12 to the pan? Then I can run reverb to any individual fader I wish it to be in and I won't have any noise from what's being recorded? Or just use 12 out to the reverb pan and and don't run any of the faders through it? Thanks for the help btw.
I don't understand? You have a monitor desk - which is like a normal front of house mixers, but has tons of aux outs. You have two stereo and 8 ordinary mono aux outputs. What is the RCA you mention? On this desk, each XLR output on the out section has a loop via ¼" jacks to add an EQ normally - you'd have a rack of these, or you could also just plumb in a reverb to that output only if you wanted, but if you are using it for more traditional stuff, just make up a cable to feed the red fader XLR outputs to your reverb, then bring the two returns from your reverbs back into unused 1 x mono or 2 x stereo inputs. You can have up to 12 auxes - far more than you will need.
It's got a stereo output so you can use it as a Foh mixer with lots of axes, but that takes over one of the two stereo busses - I think 11 and 12 from memory.
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The reverb pan came from a Sunn SR 8520 mixer, so it has an RCA for input and a RCA for the send. and I have two (2) 1/4" to RCA patch cords. One for the send and one for the return. But what I want to do is have reverb capability for ALL channels not just using the insert for each channel when needed but for all. if I want. Yes, I understand I have all the aux used for graphic Eq. I understand what your saying but now that you know what the RCA's are for do you have any other advice? and Thanks for the help.
I think you've still not quite got it. Make up some cables from the XLRs to the mixer - although when I googled it there seem to be ¼" jack ins and outs - the only RCAs I can see are the tape ins???? To be honest it's a rather strange thing to use as reverb, as the unit it it is pretty strange and muddy sounding compared to modern reverbs - but if it's what you have it will do the job I guess.

The thing to remember is that every mic you have plugged in to the mixer can be sent to the reverb unit. As it is mono - an XLR to ¼" from the Soundcraft aux 9 XLR out would do, with it set on each input channel to be post fade - plug it into the Sunn mixer input, and then the return from the effects jack back to any of the sound craft spare input channels with a cable with the right connectors. Then, if you plug four mics in to ch 1 to 4, you can turn up the send 9/10, set to after fade, and that channel will be sent to the sunn, and returned though whatever channel it's plugged into. That's how all auxes work, and the mixer you have just has lots of auxes - that's what it's made to do. For monitors, 1-8 are pre-fade, so not for reverbs, but the 9/10 and 11/12 outputs can be switched to post fade send which is what you need. As far as I can see from what you've said - you just need XLRs wired to ¼" jacks if the picture I'm seeing is correct.
Okay, LOL, perhaps I should explain further. I have taken out the reverb pan from the non-working Sunn PA. So now I have a reverb pan that I have mounted correctly
in a box by itself. The reverb pan itself has 1 RCA input jack and 1 RCA out jack. I have effectively saved 20 bucks. I thought I could just take one of the graphic out aux using 1/4"jack on the board and run it with RCA to the pan input and then run from the Pan output RCA out to 1/4" Effects in on the board. I thought that this way I could control the reverb for any channel using the effects. I have 2 cables 1/4" to RCA which would work with the pan, I just need to drive the pan with something that won't be whatever I am recording. I could buy a headphone driver and use that or an old focusrite but I don't have an extra one of those. I understand what you're saying and I realize I can use 11 or 12 output to drive the pan I just want to TRY to put reverb on any channel I chose. Thanks again Rob. I'm sorry if I am confusing things. Next question I will try to be more detailed. Cheers!
OK - make up and XLR to RCA cable instead. I've explained the wiring, and how it works - you are short of a couple of cables, that is it. The Soundcraft uses XLR outputs from the auxes. The jacks are for a loop. want channel 1 to have lots of reverb? Turn up the aux 9 send pretty high. Go to aux 9 output XLR, and connect that to your 'pan' - I have no idea what a pan is? I assume you mean reverb unit from the old amp? Then take the output from the 'pan' device and stuff it into the XLR input of say, channel 10. Turn that fader up, with ALL its aux knobs fully off - it becomes the reverb return - route that channel to your stereo out. If you plug a mic into channel 2, then turn channel 2's aux 9 up less than you did on channel 1 - it will then come back with less reverb.

You are making this really hard. The only thing you need to do is configure the stereo output channel and that is explained in the manual - in monitor mode, you don't use it.

each channel sends reverb at a lot/a little via send 9 - the red fader on send 9 goes from the XLR to the reverb unit (not a pan, whatever that is - the only pan controls are for left right on a mixer - reverb is in your case just mono). The reverb unit output goes back to ANY channel on the mixer. Do NOT use the jacks on the mixer, they're designed as an effects loop for compressors and stuff like that. You could use that feature in the red fader section, but this messes up the stereo output feature - return the reverb to a normal input channel.

I can't really explain more than that - just make or get somebody to make a female XLR to RCA and a make XLR to RCA and you are sorted. Your bodged ancient reverb could give you some issues with grounds - so I think I would simply wire RCA centre to pin 3 and RCA sleeve to XLR pin 2 - and ignore the pin 1 connection.
LOL. see pick for pan, however it is actually called a reverb TANK. But I get it. I'm going to make a copy of everything you have said and go over it with a fine tooth comb. So, I have put a XLR to send out to the TANK from channel 11 in the red fader section (EQ to). Now I'm going to come back from the TANK with 2 1/4" xlrs to cover the stereo in Fx 1 Ret. Then I can just send any of the channels (white faders) to a designated red fader output and turn up the reverb. But I will still go over everything you have said and thank you very much, your help was immeasurable. The reason I am doing this is because I don't want to buy a reverb unit just for my little studio. I just want to hear reverb when I'm singing. The instruments I can adjust like crazy in the DAW but I hate hearing my voice without a little slapback or reverb. To tell the truth, while I knew the monitor 2 had outputs it never occurred to me just how many until you started talking in here. Screenshot 2023-03-28 123703.jpg
Channel 9 or 10. I think 11 and 12 have a link to the stereo output feature, which means theyre not available - but that's memory, so needs checking. 1-8 sends are out because they are not post fade, but 10-12 can be switched in pairs.
Well, it's not called a pan it is called a "Tank"
Make sure to thank Rob when it’s all sorted. He’s put some helpful info out. ;)
Well R, I have been thanking all along. I've gotten confused a bit and I confused the heck out of Rob but I think we got it together now.
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Channel 9 or 10. I think 11 and 12 have a link to the stereo output feature, which means they're not available - but that's memory, so needs checking. 1-8 sends are out because they are not post fade, but 10-12 can be switched in pairs.
Well then I'll change to 9 and take from there to the TANK and then back to FX 1 ret only with "Y" jack so I can have stereo. That makes sense. Thanks again Rob. You have been most helpful. I don't know what happened to Micks post on here but if you know him tell him I'm going with yamaha Monitors. I told him radio shack but those are just for me to hear when I sing. OR maybe I'll do the Kipsch R-41m's if the review are good. Always been a fan of Klipsch but could never afford their stuff back in the 80's. Cheers and thanks all.
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That’s a pretty versatile board you have there.

In certain applications it would be cool to have a traditional spring reverb hooked up.
Thanks. I am very interested in how it sounds. I understand you have to tweek them a bit but Ima gonna go for it. If it screws up well I'll just go by a muti-effects unit, in fact I have a DOD Demsion 3 being worked on at the electronics place but they say there is nothing better than old school sounds. Thanks again RFR.
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It may be the case that the reverb tank won't operate with just line level signal going in. I seem to recall that amps would have a special driver circuit to run them.