Using a looper and synth hardware in DJ style


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I wondered if I could request some audio routing advice. I have worked out a workable but not ideal way of achieving my goal but thought i would reach out to see if there’s an alternative method.
In essence, I want to mix (DJ style) separate tracks I’ve created on my hardware (Dawless) setup to create an evolving set for live performance.
Currently, I have synths and drum machines into a 1402 Mackie mixer. The stereo main out is fed into a 4 track DJ mixer on one channel (let’s say ch1- assigned to left side of crossfader) and the aux 3/4 output from the Mackie is fed to a Boss RC 202 (say ch4 -assigned to right side crossfader) - the looper output is fed to another channel on the 4 track mixer. I’m playing to monitors /headphones (for cueing) and will ultimately record from the DJ mixer.
I press mute/aux 3/4 on the channel(s) on the Mackie and hit record start/stop on the looper at the same time. Either simultaneously routing channels or overdubbing separate parts to the looper recorder. I can then switch to ch4 usually via crossfader to play the loop. Then change my track patterns on sequencers - Cue up a good mix and blend, cut and transition to the new track playing in on ch1 . The limitation is recording the loop means taking it out of the main mix whilst recording it - I have to unpress aux 3/4 to get it back . The looper automatically plays once I’ve stopped recording so it will give a phased result if I set the cross fader in the middle (playing ch1 and ch4).
All gear is midi clocked so no issues with beat matching. Is there a way of recording the loop without losing it momentarily whilst recording . The Mackie has two send and return channels although I have them routed to effects pedals currently. The tape input on the Mackie doesn’t output without pressing another button..,
I hope this makes sense .
Any help appreciated