Using a GM Keyboard With a Pre GM Drum Machine


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I want to use my Casio CTK-711 ex, which has velocity sensitivity, as a controller for my RX8 drum machine (which doesn't); but I keep running into the issue that the voices on the RX8 are mapped to keys that start below the range of the CTK-711 (C2. Tom 8 on the RX8 is F#-1). I've tried reassigning the voices on the RX8 to keys in the C2 and up range but nothing changes. Do I need to get the firmware on one of my devices rewritten?
Do you you use a DAW? It's a feature in them that you can remap the MIDI in to the MIDI out. In cubase, just dial in the correct number of notes up or down, so just enter -12 or -24 and that works - I expect all of the others have something very similar. If you are just going direct out from keyboard to drum machine, is there a transpose feature that does the same thing. I've never heard of being able to do this with a firmware update.
It turns out that the RX8 is transposed an octave lower than the Casio. So the lowest note on the Casio (C2) is equivalent to C1 on the RX8. Which is why I wasn't hearing anything when I pressed C2 down on the Casio (because the voice was being controlled by C3). Confused? I know I was.