using a Behringer SL2442FX-Pro . . .


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I am trying to find out why I'm not getting any sound to my powered sub when hooked into the MONO OUT on a Behringer SL2442FX-Pro mix board . . .No sound whatsoever . . .Anyone, any ideas?
Maybe there are a couple of tings you can try first.

1 Connect an MP3 player or similar into one of the stereo inputs (e.g. 19/20) on the mixer, and play material with a good bass component in it.

2 Hook up any powered speaker to the mono out and see if you get anything. Leave the low pass filter off.

3 If not, try another lead.

4 Connect sub to one of the main outputs and see if anything happens.

5 If nothing is happening, try connecting the mp3 player directly to the sub

Um . . . check for really obvious things, like is the sub on? Is its volume up?