Using 2 Tascam 1608's or 1800 and 1608 as 16 track I/O


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Can two 1608's be chained together somehow to make it one unit for 16 tracks, or an 1800 and 1608 to get the same?
Also, has anyone here found out how to get 1800 drivers to work on win 10?
If the 16x08's outputs can be used as direct outputs from the mic inputs, you should be able to patch those into the line inputs 9-16 on the 1800.

I have no idea about the driver question, but the 1800 would have to be the interface to the computer and the 16x08 would just be a mic preamp.
It turns out the 1608 does work as a mic preamp, it is the interface to my DAW that is screwed. I got the 1800 to work it looks like, have yet to actually record but the audio is making to my DAW, which is Studio one.
:thumbs up: Good news!

I knew the 16x08 would normally work in pure preamp mode, a bit surprised that it still works, but not as an interface. ... strange!