User experience with the Boss BR 1600


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Hi there,
I'm thinking of getting a Boss BR 1600. I've used the Roland VS1680 in the 90s and I remembered the automation mixing function as well as the input assign function. I was looking at the manual for the BR 1600 but didn't find any info on this.
Are these function also on the BR? Or maybe you could share your experience doing mix downs and bouncing on the BR?
There was also a statement in the manual which I didn't get. It says that you can only playback 1 Virtual track at a time. What does it mean?
I've never had any of these, dzzee.
It is likely to mean that each of the recorded tracks in a multi-track project, has associated with it, a stack of virtual tracks. Only one of those virtual tracks can be selected at one time, to be used as the physical track for playback. This allows you to have multiple takes of each instrument, then you can select the best takes for mixdown.

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thanks Slouching Raymond for welcome!

ah, ok. Maybe someone who have any experience with this could share. So does it mean if I got 2 different tracks on the virtual tracks, that I can only hear one? That sounds a little strange though...I remembered on the VS, you can select different virtual tracks to be play back, on different channels.
You have to select a single V track (e.g. V3). Once you do, you can't simultaneously play another V track