Use native plugins in realtime without latency !


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I found a way to use native plugins ( rtas / vst / au /tdm ) of protools hd accel tdm in realtime without latency !
I do this by using mutools and protools togethere at the same time and in the same computer.( p5wdg2 qx6850 8 go ddr 2 ssd sata 2 windows 7x64)
I doing this because even when a try to compensate the latency with manual protools latency compensation ( +/- ) value under the audio track.
my protools hd 10 is unstable and the result is so bad.
So i use Mutools for controling protools in midi and recording the audio of the plugins in mutools.
after i comprensate the latency of protools and mutools in mutools with the " audio latency compensation" of mutools.
with this method i can record all protools hd tdm in realtime without latency
i let you a video of my system here :
picture explain how i compensate the latency of mutools and protools
and an audio demo correponding to the picture maxtor project
i hope it will help many people who want to use native plugins in realtime without latency !
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Why are you recording in this crazy way? You have protools and your new mutools running at the same time, plus the individual VSTi running in standalone mode? This is so complicated and processor intensive I'm not at all surprised latency is an issue - You have cubase and protools - so why are you not running the sound sources from inside them where latency is rarely an issue. Maybe I have misunderstood what you are doing, but Protools and Cubase have such good control available, going outside them seems foolish. Whay would you run multiples of DAW recording software? I don't get it at all?

The video is very low resolition so I could not see very well what you were actually doing, which didn't help.

rob aylestone

sorry but
I'm not crazy and what I'm doing is not insane !
with cubase or mutools I cannot make working a lot of plugins at 64 samples but with protools hd yes i can run 20 plugins at 64 samples without click and pops !
But with protools hd I can't use the plugins because it's unstable when i record with guitar rig 5 rtas and a rtas drum like yamaha custom drum as tempo reference.
but with the midi of cubase or mutools the midi is stable ! and I can easily compensate the latency of protools mutools and playing rtas plugins at a little latency of 64 samples ! (impossible to do this with cubase or mutools without click and pops with pulsar 2 asio scope 5 !
i put a large compensation in mutools ( 3000 samples ) representing the latency of mutools asio scope 5 creamware ( 2048 25 millisecond 1024 in 1024 out) and the latency of protools (maybe 90-100 samples) and i make the adjustment with bs sample delay !
bl sample delay is in mutools not in a vst host as you say !
i down clock my cpu at 2.6 ghz so my CPU doesn't work intensive as you say ! (maybe 20 or 30 %) !
i can use all rtas plugins but also all rtas instrument in realtime without latency !
here a demo with guitar rig 5 nexus 2 refx and synth rtas named "GO" with eventide echannel and eventide blackhole on guitar and bass and drum rtas yamaha custom drum :
everyone can make my system with a old protools hd accel or process with all rtas or vst plugin with transvst ! and every other asio soundcard with many io adat or analog.
a good way to use many free plugins in realtime without latency
with all my rob aylestone respect i tell you goodbye
best regrds