UR-RT4: Getting that RND into the recording

Hi all

Just registered for the forum, so a big hello from Yate, England.

I have used a lot of amp modellers over the years, but I recently started to record my SC20h and 2525h using a Suhr Reactive Load with some York Audio IRs.

Now I only ever used to use audio interface gain when recording vocals prior to getting my PREQ73 Premier. Now that I am using the UR-RT with the Suhr, I want to get some RND goodness into the tracks.

I have 2 questions:
* Is it a waste of time using the RND on distorted guitars
*If not, would you lower the Di out on the Suhr, then compensate with the UR-RT Gain?

Thank you

I think only you are geared up to making decisions here. Classic (as in old) designs, reimagined, nice and expensive bits of kit.

I've never been convinced these types of product guarantee anything - but when you have a chain of excellent player, excellent instrument, excellent ...... through to Excellent room - maybe there is a purpose. I'll not muddy the water for you as you're looking for confirmation of specifics. Out of the entire kit list, I'd buy the Suhr if I needed to have a silent studio. Other than that, it wouldn't be on my shopping list - nor any of the other nice kit you mention. Other, more guitar expert members will help you - good luck.