Upping my game. Built a Brutalist Jr pedal.


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I like it … looks professional and clean layout.

Loudness and Distortion....and clean off course with the on/off. With the dist at zero the Loudness is preamp gain of what? that could over drive a tube preamp nicely too.

need more gearporn pics...inside and lid off..:eatpopcorn:


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Gut shot.

The switch is for symmetrical clipping (which is the stock design hence the S) and Asymmetrical clipping (mod). The stock setting is just a couple of zenner diodes in parralel and the mod is a 1n4001 and 5mm LED in parallel.

Enclosure was powder coated at home, then I had a friend screen print it, then I put clear powder over that at home.

The result is a very durable finish and powder coating takes around 2 hours between both coats from start to finish (based on both cure time and time it takes to cool after it's baked on).


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Nice! From a kit?

The PCB came from God City Instruments website. It's Kurt Ballou's buisness card, which is pretty neat IMO.

Link: Godcity Instruments Brutalist Jr. business card PCB distortion pedal kit – Kurt Ballou

The kit (enclosure and components) was sold by small bear electronics.

Kit - The GC Brutalist Jr. (PCB Not Included) - Small Bear Electronics

All in the pedal was around $70 to build including finish (although I admit if you don't know a dude who can hook you up with screen printing the price would probably go up, it was a learning experience for both of us. He had never tried screen printing a pedal before). Outsourcing powder coating is pretty pricey from what I hear as well.


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