Upgraded gear-any improvement?


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I have been using a Tascam DR-05 to record vocals and was told that it was more for field recording than studio recording and was probably the source for my "displaced-sounding" vocals. So I upgraded to an AT2035 mic and Scarlett Solo interface. (purchased used on eBay for $150) Here is my first project with the new gear and was wondering if it is a noticeable improvement from my other mixes. I know the vocals could use some polish but it was a quick session.


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Matches the backing track much better! I hear some pitch issues and some off-rhythm bits but this is a definite improvement. Harmony is real nice. Nice work.


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Yeah, vocal is sitting better. A little pitch correction would go a long way. I think you need to sing the vocal ten or fifteen times just to get comfortable with the rhythm. A number of times your delivery of the syllabus isn't in sync with the subdivisions of the beat. I like the harmony. Right around 1:38, under the line "went to the cross," you're fiddler isn't following your chord change. You should reprogram that part.