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Hey there
I’ve been existing on pro tools 7.4 with an old purpose built PC in a moderately busy home studio
I’m looking to jump into the world of Mac mini paired with pro tools 12.
Also, I’m currently using a 003 as my A/D interface. I know that I don’t have to use that interface but my question is “can I”?
+1 to that.
I was using ProTools 12 until a month or two ago and it's perfectly usable, but I had held off updating my OS to remain compatible.
PT12 with a new Mac probably isn't a good idea and will not launch at all if you're going with an M1 mac.

Same deal with the 003 - If you're on an OS that has drivers for it and have a mac with firewire then there's nothing wrong with it,
but new macs wont have firewire putting you into the world of adapters/docks,
and M1 macs won't support old drivers unless the author rewrites them, which I doubt Avid would do for 003.

Tell us a bit more - What mac and OS are you looking at.
Thanks for your thoughts people.
Initial research has me thinking of heading down the Mac mini m1 path
They're a great machine (ridiculously great) but yeah, pretty much everything's going to need to be upgraded then.
Forget firewire, old interfaces, and PT12 (no launchy).

Interestingly all my plugins are fine. Waves, XLNAudio, StevenSlate, EastWest...All good.

If you're a gamer on steam be warned half your library will be dead. 64 bit-only.