Unsupported card

I had the BR900 CD as a gift, everything seemed to be working fine, as it was pre owned but well cared for.
It came with two flashcards which it had a problem reading and I left it in my small office, while I finished a project I have started downstairs.
But when I came to the machine it just keeps saying “unsupported card” I have followed every instruction but Every time it just says unsupported card. This is all new to me so I take it now I am unable to use the BR 900 until this problem is fixed.
I live in the UK so I think I may have a problem getting it sorted as the machine is over nine years old now. But I will do what I can.
If anybody else has had the same problem and can give me any advice it would be truly appreciated.Thanks☹️☹️

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It is worth buying a new card to put in it. The old ones may have been corrupted or otherwise made unusable.


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I've had two Compact Flash cards go bad for some strange reason. They were used in an old RCA MP3 player, so no great loss there. It could be a problem with a pin in the card reader, I never spent any time investigating.

Surprisingly, none of my SD cards have had the same issue.

Looking at the owners manual, make sure you get a Type 1 CF card, which is .13" (3.3mm) thick and operate at 3.3V. Type 2 cards are 5 mm and apparently they don't fit the slot. It will take up 32MB to 1GB CF cards, so you will have to find an older card. Most today are going to be 16GB cards. Don't get the two capacities confused.

If you don't have the owners manual, it's available here: BR-900CD Owners Manual.
After buying another Flash card with no success, I contacted a Boss certified engineer, recommended by Boss, to inquire what the cost would be to check the machine over. Their reply is as follows, taking into account the age of the machine it may not be wise to spend such money on such an old machine, they said they would gladly check it over, the costs would be £50 to investigate the problem £13 P&P each way, then the cost to repair the problem.
So that’s £76 just to be told what the problem is, so putting it like that unfortunately I agree.
This is probably a stupid question, and I will apologise in advance.
Can the unit still be used at all without using the flash card, I only want to mess around recording a few tunes, but can’t exactly afford to go out and spend £200+ on another machine,or getting this one fixed.


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I'm afraid that the BR900 doesn't have any internal memory. That's what the CF card is for. It cannot be used as a audio interface. On page 162, it clearly says "Realtime audio signals and MIDI messages cannot be handled via the BR-900CD’s USB connector".