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This just felt good :D
Any lead guitar players are welcome to contribute.

The minds of the depraved
That lord the enslaved
Demand to be obeyed
And deplore the righteous saved

Blood on your hands
Don't make you worthy... and
Lies won't change my mind

Ungrateful, One-way dialogue
Unworthy, No mindgames
Ungracious, Insolent dog
Unhinged, I've broken my chains
Unhinged, I've broken my chains
Unhinged, I've broken my chains...

Sounding from the altar
The faithful cry repent
The lamb and the lion
Lend no grace to snakes

I know you hear
The reaper calling... and
Vengeance is the Lord's

Your message is clear
No quarter, no fear
I got your message

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I like the guitar sounds. I like the playing.

The lead vocal seems dryer than the other tracks. I'd definitely double track it. It's kind of 'naked' sounding. A few minor pitch issues.

I think the bass sound is appropriate for the genre. My preference is for a little less thumping low end. But I'd probably be out-voted on that. The playing is super-tight with the kick.

The snare and kick sound pretty good. The cymbal samples sound a bit swirly and cheap.