unable to hear the music on playback Cool Edit Pro


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Hey guys,

apologies in advance if this is the dumbest question ever...

I have cool edit pro V2.0. I have successfully imported via Ucontrol RCA-USB interface, tracks laid down in a studio and mixed live, from my tape deck but am having trouble importing some stuff I did on a 12 string guitar I recorded on an old tapedeck with a two track mixer and an input jack.

I am currently playing this cassette on my pioneer tape deck and can hear it through the headphones plugged into the UCA202, but in CE Pro the waveform seems to have little amplitude and when I play it back all I hear is noise. I am trying to import at 44100 stereo 16bit..altho I am pretty sure it is a mono track... down the bottom of cool edit pro it says -48dB

I have only basic knowledge of cool edit pro and trying to work things out as I go. Any tips and ideas would be gratefully received. thanks a mill.