two mixes, one by a professional studio and one by me (poll)

Which one is the better mix in your opinion?

  • I prefer mix no 1

    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • I prefer mix no 2

    Votes: 4 57.1%

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Listening on HD280 Pro headphones.

I liked the overall tone of your mix a bit better. I thought the pro mix was richer but seemed to have an artificial "old timey" sound. The banjo on your mix drops out too much for the fiddle's section and after, and the guitar seems soft when its time comes to be the feature. That guitar section really seemed to lose momentum on your mix while the pro mix kept it going in all parts. In both versions I would have liked to hear a little more zing from the guitar, but that might just be my preconception. It could be an honest representation of the instrument. If I had to choose I'd go with the pro mix because it never loses its momentum.

If I get a chance I'll listen again on speakers. That could change my assessment.

rob aylestone

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I thought the first mix louder, more full and worked better on my MacBook rather than in the studio where they are closer. Second one is thinner, less dynamic-ey


Listening on speakers I have about the same feelings as I did on headphones, but now I like the pro mix overall tone better. In both mixes the guitar seems weak. In the pro mix the banjo and fiddle are a bit too out front for my tastes, but the banjo doesn't get lost when the fiddle comes in like it does in your mix. With the banjo being low and the guitar being weak, the song loses momentum just when it should be building energy.


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Honestly, I preferred your mix.

I feel like the pro probably boosted the mid-range too much, so everything got buried under the lead instrument


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His is clearer with more highs...I like the pan on your mix better. If you added more highs I would probably go with you...

PS...Can't you edit it so no one knows whose mix is whose? It would be better to not tell us which is which


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I prefer the openness of Mix 2. Its a bit bass heavy but isn't compressed as much and sounded more natural. Mix 1 felt constricted to me. The one thing lacking on Mix 2 was the guitar solo. It was buried in the mix. Bring up a bit of mids to highlight it more.


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With just a quick listen on my laptop I agree your mix sounded a little more open. I liked it. The guitar did come on as a little weak. The guitar "softness" could be the player style, strings or even mic technique. Was this a studio session with everything miced or a group playing semi-live? We have a lot of those back porch pickins here in East Tennessee and lots are recorded with minimal equipment such as one mic with each instrument stepping in and taking a turn (and singers doing the same, adjusting harmony on the fly). Usually turns out well for this style music. Actually I think the first sample sounds a little more like an impromptu session and the second more like a studio session. Listener's preference?. Good work.