tube boost/overdrive pedal

brother rat

All mics sound the same.
Any recommendations on a tube boost/overdrive pedal? I'm a minimalist, so I don't usually play with any effects pedals. Just wondering what's out there. Unless you can point me to a 2x10 combo amp with a tube preamp in the 35 watt range for less than $300.......


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check out a Fulltone Fatboost III

you can set it up as a pure clean boost, or put some hair on it.

plus, it has treble and bass control, so if you get the gain you like dialed in, but it's bit bright, you can roll it off.
or up.
or bass down, up, etc....




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Wow...OD/distortion pedals have got to be one of the trickiest things to buy. There's just so many good ones.

I play and record everything, but I'm primarily a guitarist, so let's just talk guitar sound. For example, I bought 5 amps before I felt like I was covering all the bases. I'd still love more, but I don't need 'em! Mics for recording amps--I bought and tried tons, but I'm settled on three and get the sounds I need and want from those three. Guitars? I've got a lot, but do almost all of my recording with just 4 of 'em.

But OD/Distortion/boost pedals? I've got eight and I'm convinced I NEED about 8 more. Keep in mind that half of my amps are killer high gain amps that don't help from a pedal, but still I have 8 pedals. And think I need 8 more.

In my own wordy way, what I'm trying to say is that there are tons of great pedals out there. Let's say half are crap and half are decent. Even the decent half won't work with every amp, and every guitar, for every sound.

So by all means, spend some time getting input and reading reviews and carefully selecting your first one. But don't be surprised if this isn't a one and done kinda deal. :)
If you want a little monster you should check out some Jet City amps. I love those things. Slightly more expensive than $300, they have a 20watt head that just screams, and a few tube combos as well. Check them out and try one for yourself.

brother rat

All mics sound the same.
Thanks for the suggestions. I've used a Fulltone Fat Boost before, it was pretty good.
I am interested in those Jet City amps, too. I need to find a place where I can actually try one out.
Any other recommendations?