TSR-8 manual


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Anybody know where I could get one? My workplace is "condemning" the old 8-tracker (and another 4-track to boot)in favour of our new non-linear editing system, so I volunteered to "throw em away"! hehheh...the perks of going digital, eh??
Can't you go to the Tascam website and found-out the number to call to contact Tascam and get one from them?

If not, I'll go photo copy my manual and send it to you.
I've emailed those sons-of-bitches a few times but never got a response. Bastards! Is it possible for you to email the essential bits of the manual to me (esp. stuff on the head-alignments and all), I live pretty far away! Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks again!

Tell you what, I'll contact the US distributor to see what can be done; they e-mailed me back 2 days after the last time I e-mailed them.

We'll see if that gets us anywhere. If not, I'll see what I can do to get you something by e-mail.
Hey, nice piece of gear! Is that the black model with dolby SR? In my hometown of Austin there has been only one store that would except older Tascam machines like 38's and 34's but recently they said they are stopping taking them in because Tascam is VERY slow to respond to parts. This really sucks and also it seems that salesmen were saying that Tascam has really taken a hit in the industry from competitors. Have any of you guys experienced similar issues? Some of these tape decks are getting really old and they break down often. That's another reason the music store will not take them. They had my 34 in 3 times before they got it fixed and it still behaves a little wonky at times. On guy's 38 took 20 times on the bench to get repaired! No joking. The repairman has been an authorized repairman for years as well and I know him so the problem does not lie there.
Another reason to buy a tsr-8; I can fix a tsr-8 much better than a disposable MD8. But I don't mind you digital people in the least. If you've got disposable income, dispose away. I never buy new. You can take the showroom hit for me. The White Album sounds pretty good to me. The difference between digital and analog is less than the difference between someone who can sing and me.
I've been using a TSR-8 for like eight years now. I'm very happy with the results it produces.

But digital keeps a knockin' at my door.

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