TSR-8 Capstan Belt


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The capstan belt on my TSR-8 is finally starting to slip. Does anyone have instructuctions on how to change it? I've opened up the front, and am trying to remove the guide roller and counter roller shafts from the sub-base assembly (beneath the tape head base), to let me get access to the flywheel, but these refuse to budge. It's pretty daunting - I'm surely doing something wrong! Any help greatly appreciated.

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This is something I've not tried to do on the TSR-8. However I was under the impression that the whole lot - head stack assembly, counter roller and all - was attached to a single, larger base that was simply attached by four screws.


I've had a quick look at the service guide and it doesn't seem to describe anything magical about getting to the capstan flywheel. In fact, it doesn't bother to describe changing the belt at all.


You don't need to remove the counter or guide shafts.

Its best to change stuff like this with the machine on its back.

- Cut off the old belt… you don’t need to bother with trying to carefully remove it if you already have the replacement. And if you don't have one yet:

Part Number 5800698201 available from Tascam Parts in California, 323-727-4840.

Or if you have a source for generic belts the dimensions are as follows:

Circumference 13.15"
Width 0.29"
Thickness 0.03"

- Remove the four screws (two on each far end) in the large rectangular plate that has the pinch roller mounted to it (Sub base assembly).

- Also remove the two screws for the pinch roller solenoid (has heavy spring on it).

- Next lift the whole thing straight up just far enough that the plate clears the tip of the capstan so you can slip the belt over the capstan and around the capstan flywheel.

- Finally pull the other end of the belt over the motor pulley to the left. Tighten all the screws back down and you’re done.



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Is this similar to the 38 capstan belt replacement procedure?

I'm trying to help out johnbilben as it sounds as though the capstan belt on his 38 is toast (but the capstan motor is okay).

Professionals do not cut belts off nor do they replace them in such abstract methods. I can tell you I have replaced hundreds of belt on the 30 series and at least 10 on the TSR8. The head base is removed to get the flywheel off the main deck so as to get the belt around this. A more important iten is to take the capstan shaft out of the bearing which also requires the removal of flywheel from said shaft and then applying AMSoil into the bearing directly ans then also onto the shaft when it is slip into the bearing. These amateurs rarely do this and it is a reason they have troubles with speed- in other words they do a half ass job. The BR20 which is a like design when serviced correctly gave me a wow and flutter of .0135% with a new belt on it. You will not get this by doing the half job. The only thing that is difficult about the flywheel remounting is that you need to get it about where it was so as the same amount of shaft sticks out the back- this determines the front to back play amount. If the unit is together and you find error in this, then it is possible in some decks to lift the control board out of the way and get a allen key in from the rear and do this adjustment. I have done it this way but close attention paid to how much the shaft stick out the end can help you get it back the way it was. I also grease the thrust bearing with Lubriplate 105 grease. I have been doing these repairs for 47 years now so being I was Lead Technician at Chicago Factory Service, I should have a pretty good experience with all these products. Do not take off items that are not required like some do with the X2000R and get into big trouble.