TSR-8 220v 50hz in the United States


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I just acquired a tsr-8 but it’s a euro plug and says 220v 50hz. Is there a way to use a step up/down converter with this and it be usable or is it a brick for me? Thanks in advance.
I would think a 110 to 220V auto transformer would work fine. I am sure our Mr Beats will tell me if I am wrong but I would guess the capstan motor is DC and run from a servo? Thus tape speed is independent of mains frequency.

You just need to find the VA rating needed for the transformer, be generous! Also arrange to keep it well away from the machine, they have big bloody hum field.
Just buy a 220v to 120v convertor - there are a ton of them on the web.
OP needs to up the voltage and do you mean some kind of 'inverter/boost' device? Not tried one but I would be wary of their 'hash' potential and waveform purity?
Auto transformers are well over a century mature technology and don't ***k with yer sine waves.

So, if I’m not mistaken, I don’t think “modified vs pure sine wave” is a consideration here because we’re talking about a converter and not an inverter. So any decent converter will do…something like this:


I’m not affiliated in any way with the product linked above, it’s just one of the first things that came up when I did a web search for “power converter”…takes 110VAC or 220VAC input and converts it to 220VAC or 110VAC output. The one above is rated at 500W. The TSR-8 has a rated power consumption of 95W. And, correct, there are no AC motors or any other line voltage frequency dependent components or devices in the TSR-8, so the line frequency is essentially of no consequence.

My 2 pence.
Good morning Sweetbeats, this is I think an instance of "two great nations divided by a common language"! You say "converter" I say "autotransformer". That device is stated to be a "transformer" and so will indeed deliver a clean waveform.

Over here, auto traffs usually come with the warning "Note, this device does not provide electrical isolation". You can of course get double wound isolation transformers but they will be bigger, heavier and more costly for a given rating. Isolation is not needed in the OP's application.