"Trippen East"


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TRIPPEN EAST by Bats Brew | Free Listening on SoundCloud

latest demo,
this features all guitars and bass done with a Strymon Iridium pedal direct to interface.
Iridium set on Marshall amp, and custom 2x12 closed back cab with Greenbacks (celestion IR).
bass uses the marshall as well, thru a custom 4x10 bass cab IR (pulse drivers from celestion).

drive pedals for rhythms and solos is a Barber Direct Drive Super Sport.

2nd half solos (after the break down) done thru a Abasi Pathos drive pedal.


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sounds very good. a bit centric with the lead and chunky stuff up the middle.

hey thanks for listening, manslick,
you were the only one that bothered with it.

i'm still getting used to this new Iridium pedal,
and for this tune, i decided to run everything in stereo, and just try to deal with levels instead of panning;
i typically do a pretty hard L-C-R style of mix, with some soft panning for a few part,
but since everything tracked here is stereo, it seems to sum down the middle mostly.

so, a good experiment, that will continue!