Trident channels, AT 4050, APhex exciter


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2 Trident Fleximix channel strips with rack and power supply. Each channel has gain, line/mic switch, xlr input, 1/4" line in, 1/4" direct out, 1/4" send and receive (insert). 3 band EQ with mid sweep and selectable low and high frequency points. Output fader with horizontal VU meter. These are real vintage Trident channel strips right out of a console that have been custom wired to a power supply and in a vertical rack that I built. They have the real vintage Trident sound (think A range meets series 80). $750 + shipping

Audio Technica 4050 large diaphragm condensor mic with shockmount. If you don't already know the AT 4050, then you are miising out. It's a multipattern mic that offers a lot of flexibility. In general it is a pretty balanced and neutral sounding mic that leans a little towards the dark side. Much smoother sound than a lot of the current run budget LD condensors. $400 + shipping

Aphex Aural exciter C2 with Big Bottom. Fun little guy. Not something I would use on every channel, but occasionally it will really spice up a track. The C2 is a 2 channel unit. Personally, I like it sometimes on kick, snare and certain guitars. If you know when to use it, it can be a valuable tool. If not, you will have a blast, but your mix may suffer. $100 + shipping

Behringer BCF2000 motorized fader surface. 8 motorized faders, 8 encoder knobs, 14 buttons. All programable with usb and/or midi interfacing. Seems to work pretty cool, faders jitter a little when they settle (hey they aren't uptown faders!). Basically, it just sits on my rack collecting dust so its time to get rid of it so I can fund my vintage U87:D $125 + shipping


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And a Midisport 4x4 USB midi interface - $75 + shipping

And a Marshall DRP-1 Direct recording preamp - $75 + shipping

DBX PB48 48 point 1/4" patchbay - $50 + shipping

Midiman Co2 coaxial to optical converter ( and vice versa) - $50 + shipping

JL Cooper PPS-1 time code synch converter - $75 + shipping

Fostex 9046 BRAND NEW still in wrapping DVD-RAM drive for Fostex D2424 LV hard disc recorder with unopened Panasonic DVD-RAM disc - $150 + shipping

Chris Shaeffer

Peavey ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you tell me about that Seck mixer? EQ? # of sends, etc? Any sense of its history and character?

And where are you located so I can get a sense for the shipping costs?



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It's over at a friends house. I will try and get it back today so I can send more details. As far as character goes, it's more of a vintage sound. The EQ's are pretty batural sounding, but not as "powerful" as something like a Midas. To me it reminds me a lot of the Old Soundcraft 200 and 400b sound. I will try and get you more details and even some pictures later on today:)

Can I email you the pics and stuff when I get them? only allows posts of 64k on the pics if you don't have your own server space for them. 64k is just too small to zzom in much:(

Also, I am in Northern Utah, 84335

I will PM you with my phone number as well should you want to talk direct.