Transform your PC keyboard into a 25-Key MIDI-controller in Ableton


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What if you have sold your MIDI controller years ago and now you only have your PC keyboard, but you wanna play some simple MIDI, especially chords?

I installed Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard to act as my future Akai MPK 261 that I'm saving money for to buy by Christmas..
Until then this nice software will act as my dreamed-of MIDI-keyboard. In its preferences set it always to be On Top and set its MIDI OUT ==> to:

then I installed BOME's Midi Translator. You might wanna look for some alternative, but check out its trial to know what you wanna do!

It is very simple. I checked my soundcards MIDI port there (1) + I activated Bome's MIDI port (2) then I also activated its "Bome's MIDI Translator 1" (3). Then in the Main Menu MIDI-->Routing (MIDI Thru) section I simply connected all these three (1) (2) (3) on the left --> to "Bome Virtual Port 1" on the right. This is the only connection I made: all three lines from the left go to one single line: "Bome Virtual Port 1."

When I want to play some instruments or synths in Ableton, I start the Virtual MIDI Piano, then BOME's Midi Translator, which always switches itself auto ON, then I configure something in Ableton to receive MIDI-keyboard signals, then I switch to Virtual MIDI Piano, which is always set be on top. You can make its window smaller, but so you can still see its nice keys. Then I start to play chords on my PC keyboard. Its amazing! I always dream about Christmas and playing on my brand-new, hopefully super-amazing Akai MPK 261! :D

But until then, this should suffice.. :D