transferring roland dp7 drum tracks into VS1680


New member
I use a DP7 electronic pad Roland drum set. The other drummer
in the band also has the same unit in his apartment.
What I'm trying to do is to have him record his drum part, then
send me a file that I could play back and mix into the VS1680.

I see 2 alternatives:

1. he records the MIDI file generated by the DP7 MIDI controller,
then sends me the MIDI file which somehow I manage to play on
my DP7, then take the stereo output and mix into the VS1680

2. he records the stereo output of his take into say a stereo MP3
file. I then replay the MP3 file from my computer into the VS1680.

I was wondering if these are viable options, or is there a better
way to proceed.

Essentially, we're trying to get tracks generated in 2 different
locations to be combined on the VS1680

Thanks for your help