tracks without toys


Yeah, step into the Cyber Lounge. It's a Jammer stereo soundtrack backed up by a Jumbo blond or three in virtual tracks. Then edited to taste.

The tune is s109.

look for the first "Here's that Jumbo Blonde.....". 786KB .mp3 file.

Cheap mics; no dedicated preamps; no compression whatsoever.

We can never understand what all that <other> cool shit is for without hearing what it sounds like without it. Eh?


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I had no idea you were such a jazz man...
What exactly was I listening too??? I checked out s109a and l099e. Was that standup bass? MIDI keyboards? Now I could collaborate on something like that...
Are you really a Doctor???
(P.S. I started experimenting with sound on the Atari 600XL... but then I put it down for about 15 years.)


MIDI keyboards/vibes and MIDI stand-up bass
mixed with MIDI synth bass and MIDI electric
bass with MIDI drums and several tracks of
miced acoustic guitar.
The others are ALL MIDI.
Oh- and take two Vicodin and call me in the morning..... ;)

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hoping this doesn't go to far back.....
drstawl can you put s109 back up I want to hear it......please



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Hey drstawl! I'm having a problem ...after I download a tune from your site, Real Player tells me there's another audio device in I bring up Real Juke Box and it gives the same message. So...I then make one or the other the default player, but still same message. Mind you, this is all after downloading is completed and I can't get anything to play your stuff...I also have Beatnik and Liquid Audio Player...My Liquid Audio Player has never worked right, it crashes my comp about 10 seconds into anything playing...I am very anxious to hear your music other than what is already on the Beatnik Players on your page...I'm not a midi guy (too tinkly usually) but your Beatnik Player stuff has made me want to hear your other work, particularly the one with the SG being used...I didn't email you because it's possible others have had the same problem I'm having and you could set us all straight...However, I'll probably regret not emailing you privately, because the chances are very great that it's mere stupidity on my part...but I'm willing to suffer the public humiliation in order to listen to your music...your site is the only place I've had this problem...thanks for your time...gibs


Try right-clicking on the mp3 links and select "save link as" and just save it on your HD and then launch an .mp3 player while running nothing else. Or download Netscape Communicator 4.7 which has a Winamp plug-in and a RealAudio plug-in included. That s109 tune hasn't been up for some time. I can't e-mail it because of size restrictions on my uploads.

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YES! Thank you so much for the how've changed my views on midi too...not tinkly at all. GREAT sound. The pod that I've heard so much about (Pod 6?)and the SG go well together...what cabinet were you using? This thing must be expensive, as I've yet to see a price quoted at any site, but what a sound...your compositions are very sophisticated...nice jazz/adult rock mixture..Midi, huh? Now I know...Thanks...gibs


Thanks for your glowing review.
The SG is a reissue of a '62, made in the USA
that I found at Guitar Satan for $249. I like the 2 octave neck. My only peeve- no set screws on the volume knobs: so my cats have removed and hidden them.
Ya know- I'm at a loss to recall which emulation I was using. But I do remember that I paid $300 for the POD. I just noodle around with the track I'm going to play against looping in the background while trying different setings until I find something I like. I do like the compressor effect with the noise gate and a teeny bit of reverb.
I haven't had any success playing the POD through another amp. It sounds better playing straight into a Fender Twin than going through the POD with or without that AIR switch engaged.
I haven't even loaded the MIDI control SW that came with the POD. But having heard that someone else tried it and loved it, I may do that tonight.

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