Tracks not being heard

Hi All,
Open an track yesterday and found that some tracks cannot be heard. The VST's aren't showing in the console or next to the tracks either but seem to be heard on the on the track that do sound-out.

Please see the example. Arp and Arp Deep are two examples of the data being in the lanes but i can't hear any output from them. I haven't changed the drivers or any of the config. The only thing i have done is put Mix Monolith on as a VST. Has anyone got a fix for this issue?

Many thanks in advance.


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Hopefully you've got this sorted in the last week. Here's my thoughts for future reference...

1) Something is solo'd in the project, muting all or most of the other tracks
2) Output channel on the track is set to the incorrect sound output device
3) The VST is malfunctioning [does removing the VST allow the raw track to be heard?]
4) There's a setting in the VST muted or has the level lowered.
5) The track is 'frozen' [mixed down, in place] but the mixdown is corrupt. Unfreezing/refreezing usually resolves this.
6) Input is set wrong, so nothing is being routed to the VST.