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I have a QS7 which I enjoy using. My question is, why when I double a
drum track, the two track when played together seems to phase given a
sort of flange or distorted unwanted sound on the QS7?

The reason I need to solve this problem is because when I was at school
studying to be Sound Designer I use the lab to create some music using a
midi sequencer. Most of my midi files have the drum track doubled and
some even tripled to give a nice punchier sound. The sound I get at the
lab at school sound great which I was using an Roland XP10 much cheaper
than the QS7 but not as good.

I would like to be able to just load my midi files in my sequencer and
play my QS7 the way I use to play at school in the lab. There the
sequencer was Performer on a apple computer, right now I am using a pc
with Midisoft Studio 4 sequencer. I was wondering if it's the sequencer
that is not setup right.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance.
well i dont know much about pc recording or sequencing but i do know when you try sincing things up without a sequencer you get a flange sound so it sounds to me its not hooked up right or its broke. sorry im not much help, but maybe thatll take ya in the right direction. Jal :)
Do you have access to the actual MIDI code with that software? If you do and the doubled notes are coded with the same start times, I'd say that either your synth or your MIDI interface is crapping out on the load of the extra events being played.
You're right, it's the sequencer. You're sending MIDI thru to the sound module and the sound card at the same time (or something similar) and getting everything doubled, but just a bit out of phase due to the MIDI delay. Use a MIDI scope (nothing fancy, just a program that shows all the MIDI events) and you'll probably find it right away.
Thanks for your help, I will look into what you guys said.

Thanks again.


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