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Except for the harsh opening, I like this very much. The tone and style of the lead guitar takes me back to the 70s with progressive jazz. The bass is quite heavy and full, I'd like it to be more distinct. It's a nice performance.


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Except for the harsh opening, I like this very much.

I'm the opposite. I like harsh metal genres and hate blues-y riffing.

Mix-wise, it's a little sparse. It seems like the bass an guitar have both been cut out of the mid range. This keeps them from interfering with each other nicely, but it makes the middle feel a little empty.

When the synth and rhythm guitar come in, it fills out much nicer.

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I'll echo what the others have said about the bass. It sounds a bit big and tubby right now and lacks definition.

The lead guitar, while often impressive and with a cool tone, is rushing at several points --- especially during the main melody --- and creating a bit of an anxious sound within the groove. It needs to lay back a bit more and settle in, IMHO.

Nice chops!

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@ all !!!Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback!!! I have to play the bass again with my new bass!

The bass on the recording is a cheap model that you can hear also ....... Unfortunately

who has time and desire here is the link to my full video:

Leo Weisbecker - Hier mein neues Video meines neuen Songs:...

The video will be replaced by the new mix with the new bass.

Thanxx for the suggestions for improvement :thumbs up:
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