Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Mastering

Now I am asking for service I need a mastering engr for my mixes. I need prices per song, album ect. completion duration
I have to disagree with this statement,
bad mix can not and should not be addressed at mastering stage,
simply if mix is bad, it should be re-mixed,
even if it's great mastering guy, 'cockup' made during mixing can't be re-done during mastering
although someone with great skills could try to minimize problems within the mix, but this is reanimation process, not mastering
Bad mix good mastering can fix, but I have seen cases where bad mixing/recording and the mastering engr couldnt work with it. Im with Tom all the way "IF YOUR SERIOUS BOUT YOUR MUSIC GET A PRO INVOLVED" best ignored advice on the planet.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just bought Wavelab Elements and need somewhere to start, there being no manual. I imagine this will come in handy. =D
Steinberg didn't make one for Wavelab 7! Check out their forums; there's alot of fuss about it. I bet they won't do that again! :mad:
One question I've been wondering that doesn't really come up (or didn't at a quick glance); how "hot' should a mix be when it's sent in for mastering? Obviously you don't want it clipping, and I've been told it's a good idea to leave at least 6db or so of unused headroom for the ME to work with, but given the preference where would you mastering guys want a mix to peak? -6db? -12? Does it even really matter, as long as it's below 0?

I like to see files at -3db, if it's a highly compressed mix, -6db can be better sometimes. So long as it's not clipping and above say -12, everything is good to go.
New to this: i.e., forums... Not new to music. Just built a studio to accomidate our group's need for more space... now I am mastering our CD. Using a Mackie 1640/w firewire. Question: Can I use my rack mounted effects in mixing? or am I stuck with these VST plug-in's???

PS: I just transitioned over from tape a few years ago so my learning curve is a sheer vertical wall.
De Essing Vital

To confirm what has already been said about de essing - it is one of the things that is left untouched in the mixes we receive. Not enough artists use low / hi pass filters or the built in de esser plugins. Proper de ssing is vital for the song mastering.
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Hope you're not using that site as the basis for your business...