Todd Rundgren-Inspired Eventide Remix Contest


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Hi HomeRecording friends. We are happy to announce a Todd Rundgren-inspired “Open My Eyes” remix contest, offering contest participants the opportunity to flex their creativity and mixing prowess in competition for a host of prizes, including two Grand Prizes worth more than $3000. The contest is now open, with a submission deadline of May 11.
Open My EyesSlider.jpg

Remix must noticeably include Eventide’s Instant Flanger Mk II and/or Instant Phaser Mk II plug-ins. There are no restrictions on using additional software or hardware from 3rd parties. Download fully functional demos from each product page.

Download the raw tracks and submit your remix!

In support of the contest, Instant Phaser & Instant Flanger are on sale for $39 each until May 11th, 2022. It is not necessary to own the plug-ins to participate in the remix contest.
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All you have is now
Damn clever, innovative way to get homewreckers like us here to experiment with these plugins...Good job mang!