TOA J-2 Dynamic mic super low output?


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So I found this very old looking dynamic mic at the bottom of a tote recently, I've attached some pictures to help. Plugged it into my interface, no signal unless I flipped the on/off switch, then I'd get a very quiet click. I cranked the gain all the way up on my interface and was able to hear some VERY low volume audio coming from it, but the click from the on/off switch at that gain level was extremely loud. There was also a lot of hiss at the gain needed to get any signal from it. I'm assuming then something is broken inside?

First job, remove that grub screw and see if you can get the XLR plug out and check you have 3 wires. 2&3 will of course be the capsule or possibly a transformer. In any case they should read a few tens, maybe a hundred or so Ohms (is the impedance marked?)
If you have continuity it is likely that the capsule is buggered. The diaphragm could be stuck due to ingress of dirt, rusty poles or the coil just gone out of round.

You can buy replacement capsules just check carefully it will fit. If the transformer is borked you can usually do away with it and wire the capsule directly to the XLR.