Tips and tricks for balancing cpu usage?


Boredom artist
Hi all- I love logic pro x but recently I've been getting pretty heavy with plugins and I seem to have hit a cpu wall. I have a dual core i5 and it works really well but whatever I put in the master channel goes on one cpu thread and the thread just ends up getting overwhelmed and logic starts stuttering, popping, or stopping.

I forced hyperthreading by setting cpu threads to 4 manually and it works great but still that master channel all gets stuffed into one thread and while the other threads go unused, logic freaks out because that one master track thread is still overcommitted.

So I try a different computer, a super expensive 2.2ghz quad i7 I borrowed for this experiment. Same issue, this monster can't run the channel either!

So naturally I've split the master into two channels, one that everything outs to, sort of a pre master. And the pre master outs to the real master (stereo out) and I put half the plugins on each. But logic still won't split the channels between threads. Both the pre master and master channels still get dumped on a single thread and I'm in the same place as before.

Granted, I'm going nuts with the plugs (I think 8 total including eq) but they all sound great together and I'm hoping I can keep them.

Anybody got any tips on getting logic to balance processing better? I feel like fixing that problem would crack this whole thing open for me.