Thoughts on my voice?


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I've never sung in front of anybody before because of my pretty paralyzing fear of performing in general. It's really difficult for me to be vulnerable in this way. I'm currently studying music in college and there is an expectation that I will have to eventually perform. I want to see how my voice is received and how I can work on improving before I potentially humiliate myself in front of my peers. I attached a file of me singing A Mistake by Fiona Apple. There are some spots in the recording where my singing is definitely questionable, but I wanted to still include them in order to be as honest as possible. I appreciate any feedback you have, thank you!


  • a mistake - 6_24_19, 11.36 AM.mp3
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You have a great voice! It has a very rich sound to it, I like it. But I don't know anything about singing, so I can't give any advice :)
A backing track would make it easier to judge your voice! But its not terrible, definitely keep practising and listening to yourself, good luck for your performance!