This was described as "Alien Sex Fiend meets Filter at a Skinny Puppy show"

Sounds great-sounds are all distinct and the separation is nice. The mechanical drums work well. Nice guitar tones, sometimes the balance seems left heavy, theres nothing balancing that on the right side. Could be that i like symmetry. I think the mix is excellent overall, though i did have some non mix opinions while listening. Seemed like it could have got going a bit faster...I thought you could have gone full on distortion and echo on the vocals, they lean that way but not far enough imo...


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Oh man. I've been away for a while and this kind of got abandoned. Thanks for listening and your advice. To be honest, I threw this together quickly and was happy with it but I see what you mean about the balance. I was hoping to keep the intro long to build up to the vocal but I can experiment with some things to see how it sounds with a shorter open.

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Fuzzy guitars sound good and I like the wall of sound with the vocal delay. Could it use a high pass? These jams out of nowhere are often gems. This is a good one