This isn't exactly a studio picture...


Large and Scaly Mixing Maniac
but I thought some of you would get a kick out of the new photo I have on my column at

"If you strike me now, Darth, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."
Geez Dragon, that is the biggest Shaker I have ever seen. Do you need two mics to capture the sound???

You look kinda like an old buddy of mine from Athens, GA. His street name was Dragon and he was a guitarist... STRANGE...
That must've been a tough decision. The old photo in that spot had that caffeine haze
captured perfectly, while the new one seems kind of neutral, emotionally.
I've wanted a picture like this for some time...probably since seeing Phantom Menace :-) I actually bought a packet of RIT dye to get my bathrobe the right color, but wimped out when I saw I'd have to boil the thing for hours and found my wife had a sweatshirt that matched the color of some of the other Jedi wear...which is why this stuff is torso-up only. I'm hoping to rotate the pictures on the column every 3 months or so, or until I start scaring folks away with my face alone.

My 10-year-old son Scott, who took this with a digital camera we've been playing with (it's going back to the store next week probably), never quite believed me when I told him I used to be a professional photographer. Until he walked into the living room and saw the lights, stands, and 12' high blue screen taking over the entire area. I'm trying to teach him all kinds of stuff I know, so the other night it was all about blue-screen techniques, transparent GIFs, and graphics editing.

P.S. to sonusman: you've heard of shotgun mics...this is simply a high-tech replacement!

P.S. to S8-N...I once jammed in Atlanta at an all-black jazz club, but that's the only connection...that is weird though!