There is something wrong with my mix and I dont know how to fix it.


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To me, I feel like this mix sucks. I've tried everything from playing with levels, compressors, reverb and saturation and I can never find the sound I like.

Do you guys have any suggestions to make this mix sound smoother?

I use izotope nectar 3 but should I be using other plugins? I have some CLA stuff and the logic pro stock problems

Any advice is appreciated!!!
lsnflsnfsanfglkanfasnfslkfanl by Mark Podmore 2 | Free Listening on SoundCloud

(the link and the file is the same, I just added both for your preference :))


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Hey Pirez05,

I think this mix sounds fine. Infact, I loved listening to it! I'm relatively new to mixing so maybe my listening abilities aren't sufficiently developed yet, but I thought this track sounded great. The only issue that I noticed though is that before the 0:52 mark, the vocals sounded a little low in terms of volume and pushed back in the mix (it didn't sound as forward and thick as I would have liked). But after 0:52 it sounds great again in terms of both volume and forwardness (if that's a word). Are the parts before and after 0:52 different sections of the song? (as in verse and chorus, etc). If that's the case then I'm looking for consistency in these different parts with regards to the vocals. Thanks for sharing!


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Hey man,

It's all good man, everyone can learn from each other despite what experience they have (I am also relatively new)
Appreciate the advice! Okay I'll bump the volume! Yeah before 0:52 is the chorus and the verse is after.

Thanks again so much man!


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Cool song Pirez05! Mix sounds fairly solid.

The only thing standing out to me is the vocals. Throughout the song it's not present enough IMHO. This genre of music really shines with the vocal being very present and not "hidden" or pulled back into the mix(does that make sense?). Apart from volume, also try a bit less reverb(?) on the vocal and add some air with a shelf around the 10k area. That should get the vocal crisp and clear with some presence.

You don't need any other plugins. Trust your ears more and plugins less.

Peace!!:thumbs up:


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Okay will do! Yeah I didn't do any shelf stuff with EQ's and I gotta learn all the frequencies and what they will do for the vocal.

Thanks for the advice! Appreciate it brotha