The use of an AKAI 1720W reel to reel


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Hey guys,
This is my first post here,have been looking through this forum for a while now and getting some great tips and ideas etc.

Just looking for some advice on this.Recently scored one of these for next to nothing
I'm currently working on an album and record to a TascamMx2424 via a Soundcraft ghost with some nice mics and outboard compressors etc. mix and edit in logic 9.
I'm looking to mix down to the AKAI at 7.5ips fairly hot to get some dirt and of course some tape sound.I'm not expecting it to sound super crisp or "professional" or anything like that but not too muddled either.

1) Should I go through some pre's or straight to the AKAI deck in mixdown?
2) Anyone have any suggestions on what tape to use?
3) Should I go through some pre's or straight back into logic for the final cut?
4) Finally do I need to calibrate the deck and if so how should I go about it? (it sounds pretty good already though)

Any help on this would be sweet.:D