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This is the SHOW OFF thread.

If you just want to showcase your music, not looking for comments, critiques or feedback, then post it here.

Great place to look for Hits, Likes, Friend Requests, etc.
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So a few weeks ago, as of now, I made, recorded,mixed,"mastered" and released my first REAL EP/cohesive collective of song;i.e, Album. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone would give a listen and give me feedback. The song itself, the recording quality, how everything is mixed, the levels of the songs cohesively, EVERYTHING, essentially. This is actually my first post on any forum, ever, despite how much I read forum in any given week. But there's always room for new things, right?

vvvvv The record can be found here vvvvv


Also, if you download it there's one extra song included, its pretty gritty hahah


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New Song "No One Ever Sees the Turn"

Heyyyy all,

I know I said I wasn't gonna do another single, but turns out that was actually the best model for me! lol So back I go. I think each song I'm getting better too w/the recording, at least my sister thinks so. She said my vocals (particularly verses) were cleaner and clearer, so that's good! I wonder how long on average it took you guys to get really "good?" To where you feel you're at a competitive quality level?
Anywho, if you want to check out the song, go here: Music - Ebracce Records. It's the third song down.
I'm thinking next of maybe trying to tackle mastering by myself (OOOOOOOH! :eek:) Gonna have to check out the posts here on that topic. ;) Hope you all have a blessed day and happy Halloween!! Don't eat too much candy

talk midway

New Ambient Album (free download)

i just released ambient, vol. 3 and - as always - it's available for free (download; 320 mp3)

soft, droning, and made mostly with guitar loops and a casio

visualization for track 2, "comma" :



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Bearman - Crunchy (Original Mix)

Hi all, My name is Matan Berman and im 21 years old, im a music producer of electronic music (bigroom electro\bigroom progressive\deep and tech house) and my stage name is BEARMAN.
Today I want to present you my new electro house track called "Crunchy", this track accompanied by heavy bass, juicy percussions and bigroom bassline.
This track given for FREE DOWNLOAD, But i have a REQUEST if you enjoyed it and like it SHARE IT EVERYWHERE YOU CAN (!) - And that because im now searching to be signed by label and if i will succeed, and will gain some popularity, I could reach my goal and have more sources to create more music!.



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My prog band recorded in my home studio (with videos)

Hi guys!

I wanted to share my band's music that I produced in my home studio. I play the keys in the band :)

Let me know what you think!

Escape To Reality


Ove Karlsen

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In the process of mastering and mixing 50 productions. (electronic)

Heya, check out my previews of my electronic music at youtube.

Links are not allowed before 10 posts, so I am just going to have you Google "Ove Karlsen Blog" for the link.

I wrote own DSP which I use much in this, and it is inspired by religion, a positive lifestyle, and also meditation.

When done, and retweaking anything if needed, they will be put up for independent sale on my blog, where also my research on theology, and my open-source DSP can be downloaded (beta-stage).

Peace Be With You.

I did about 10 posts now :)

Ove Karlsen - YouTube

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Morning Banana Diet - Bino (self-recorded/produced basement EP)

Hey everyone, I'm back with a new EP! This one was recorded entirely in my basement and produced/mixed/mastered by yours truly.

Now... the problem here is that I am very much an amateur, so the production of this EP isn't the greatest :lol: but I feel that given my limited knowledge, relatively cheap equipment, and difficult recording space, I did a decent enough job. Plus we're pretty much a punk band, so cut me some slack :p

Anyway, there are three original songs (two of which are very dark and ambient) and two covers ("Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana, and "Waiting Room" by Fugazi). Please check it out and leave some honest feedback: Bino | Morning Banana Diet


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Smooth Criminal Acoustic Cover.

Hey Guys i just did a acoustic guitar arrangement of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal. Any feedback would be appreciated!



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A Great Big World - Say Something (Cover):

Hey guys,

I'm a little new to the forum, but I'm looking for some feedback/advice for promoting my music. I hope this isn't the wrong section for my post. :laughings: I recently recorded a cover of A Great Big World's new single "Say Something", and was wondering what everyone thought of the production, singing, etc. How can I promote this? (other than Facebook.. which I've already done). I don't have a decent enough camera at the moment to produce a high quality video, so I've held off on producing YouTube videos. Hopefully in the near future YouTube will be my primary method of promotion, but any feedback whatsoever is welcome, thanks guys :)

EDIT: How did I forget..Merry Christmas everyone :)
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New Song "Bedtime Story"

It's that time again, whoo hoo! I am SO glad got another one done before the new year so I can start 2014 fresh with work on the second half of the album. Take a listen ya'll!
It's the first one: "Bedtime Story."
Hope you guys enjoy it, and happy happy New Year! :D
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Various Artists - Flight of Memories / Part Two [MFR074]

Listen/Buy Flight of Memories (Part Two)

Listen/Buy Flight of Memories (Part Two)

Listen/Buy Flight of Memories (Part Two)

Listen/Buy Flight of Memories (Part Two)


Genre: Prog-House, Trance
Release Date: Dec 23 2013
Label: Majestic Family Records

1 Marc Pollen Ft Dewi - Wrong (Original Mix)
2 Qosmos feat. Ange - Reach For Me (Andrea Bertolini Dub)
3 5uGar and Eva Kade Ft. Evil T - All Around (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
4 Beat Factory - Rising (Deep Active Sound Remix)
5 Alex Drayling - Geometria (Original Mix)
6 Arma8 feat. Julia Lav - Your Day (Original Mix)
7 Artem Viceman - Flight of My Mind (Blugazer Remix)
8 Another Note - Dominate Night (Original Mix)
9 Andy Hardo ft. DJ Glushkov - Away From Here (Yuji Ono Remix)
10 Quinn Ft Daniel Baron - Dream State (Katrin Souza Remix)
11 Leisuregroove feat. Joe Killington - Falling (Joost van Hooijdonk Dub)
12 De Kibo - Tony Stark (Original Mix)
13 Masstek - Flashed (Massive Vibes Remix)
14 Noel Sanger - Deconstructed (Johnny Beast Remix)
15 Robert Firth - The Edge (Original Mix)

"Within three years we look for and we find talented musicians from all over the world.
We put all our love and all our most pure feelings in our releases.
In this collection we collected the best works and exclusive tracks from our friends and residents of our label."

Feedback and Support:

Ivan Gough - Quality after hours music.
Jaytech - May try All Around, cheers. Thanks!
Ad Brown - Great Comp!
Kenneth Thomas - Nice package!
Aeron Aether - Nice selection, will have a second listen. Thanks!
Gorm Sorensen - Blood Groove & Kikis remix for me.
Rafael Osmo - Big track! I will support Thanks.
Pena - Nice Work , Downloading.
Oliver Schories - Nice one. Thx
No Sonic Limits - Geometria is very cool. Thanks.
James Warren - Nice collection of tracks here from some very strong artists.
David Vendetta - Good package.

Distributed by Majestic Family Group, a Majestic Family Records, LLC.
(c)2013 Majestic Family Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Russian Boyz

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Give a listen to the new beat Russian boyz

Give a listen

Other tracks are here or
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