The MPD218 is fun fun fun


It is a life preserver
Beats have never been easier. My laptop s up again. My MPD218 is working. Incredible . I hate those EasyDrummer / MTDrummer pre made beats. They never fit without some cymbal work on another track. Just make it yourself on the finger tap pads. I think it sounds nice. Great job AKAI.

Set the quantization to 1/8 or 1/16-32 based on complexity. Just hit random pads on an assigned kit .pgm. Drag it direct into the DAW as a .wav and mix.

I could do stuff like this all day..

short chill

long hype

80's quest
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I might have to check this pad controller out. I use to have an MPD16 back in the day. Made one beat with it and then sold it on Ebay. Nice tracks by the way!