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I think that Begonia is trying to signal for help... her collar looks awfully tight...
After looking at that picture, I thought the same thing (about Begonia's tight collar) I checked her and it's actually kind of loose. She's only four months old, and still skinny under all that fur. Although she's a serious carnivore - loves tuna, ham, hamburger meat, etc.

Its time for me to clean and demagnetize the MKII - any recommendations for type of cleaning/demag gear, and where to buy?

Oh, and S8-N, I thought about some thoughts I saw on your sight while I was watching 60 Minutes II the other day - they did a story on how this guy who outfits jets for rock stars "invented" the Backstreet Boys, In-Sync and some other groups. I'm far from naive about the business (more like jaded), but that still kind of made me sick. I like the fact the bands I admire had to suck it up in the clubs, pay their dues and learn their chops!
I'll help you out Dragon:

Luxury! Why I had to wake up at 5:00 in the morning half hour before I went to bed, go down to studio, work 30 hours a day mixing on a pair of folders coffee cans tied together with fishing line, chew the tape for splicing, lick off the oxide layers, use my body for the circuit breaker because I only had one dirty, unbalanced line of power going into my rack which only consisted of an RCA 25 Watt mono home stereo amplifier. For echo and reverb I had to play the part over and over again a split second behind the original, switching tapes between the recorder (a 1980 Sounddesign deck) and the playback (usually a Japanese Walkman). And when I'd get done with the mix, my producer would thrash me to sleep with a pair of wirecutters.

If I was lucky!
Yea yea yea... and back in the old days the engineers had to knock all the snow off the 58's so you could still sing through them. I bet that's why they invented those little pantyhose hoops in front of the mics :)

I do agree that the equipment maker's have made it awfully easy for the recording novice (me) to make demos at home. This will no doubt flood the internet with a great deal of mediocre MP3's. But hopefully there'll be some points of brilliance out there too, that otherwise would never have surfaced.
Amen to that, Audioforgery. There's never been harm done by offering opportunity, and that's what the new technology is doing. It's opened doors to those of us who's dream of recording would have otherwise been out of reach. *cue melodramatic music* A new breed, no doubt, but hopefully, one that will add and not take away from the tapestry of musical creation. (how's that for a Hollywood ending!)
Audioforge! because of you i went out and checked out the zoom gfx707, oh man that thing is sweet! im getting one this week or the next..... and im getting a new four track(or eight).....