The Fool on the Hill (Cover)

gecko zzed

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Overall it sounds pretty good to me.

However, one thing you might like to try is to not emulate so closely the original arrangement (which arose through the limitations of the technology at the time). Instead, try the piano and bass more central, spread the other instruments around a bit . . maybe a create a space that emulates a stage with musicians on it.


i think it's lovely.

i have always loved the piano voicings in this song

i think you're right to do it this way. a masterpiece like this should be revered.

the chord at 1:53 sound a bit too different though.

I've done a version of this with Abbey Road keys.

What did you use?


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Wonderful rendition of that tune! Nicely done for sure! I think "gecko" is onto something. The arrangement is great but the sound stage is off somewhat. Everything is at the same depth and width. There's too much up front and too much "traffic" in the far left and right sides. Push some back and bring a little in towards the center. Not having heard the original in a while I can't tell you what to move where and when but it almost doesn't matter. Sorry I'm being less than specific.....but I think you get the idea. As always.......this is just 2 cents worth from me.....and thanks for the listen.


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I usually avoid covers, but this is was pretty ballsy, so I had to give it a listen.

Nice job dude. I wish I could give it some negatives but you nailed this thing on the head.

Very good job. Nice to hear Beatles if you're going to do a cover. I think the reed sounding organ is a bit too loud , the whistle could also be tamed a little. They both sound good but are pulling my attention away from the vocals. Maybe a little compression to smooth them out and glue them together. I really enjoyed it. mark