the fire of the wanting


i fan the fire with all i got,

which ain't much

it don't take quick

and the man looks down

so i kick it up with a dance
bring me more wood
bring me more twigs
bring me more of of the tinder
but only the dry wind answers me
with a twig from a old fig tree

i lay down my head to see the last fire spark up from the black silent tower
and wait till the cap addresses my ass with the dry whip from long dead deer

deer hide rips through my ass like i wanted it last night
when the she-god was oiled and smiling into my haughty brown eyes
the warm blood drips down my cold dirty flank
i feel my heart skip a welcome heart beat

she wont look at me
as beautiful as i am
she disses my wholesome word.
and looks out like a captain

her hard hand on the wheel
steady as she goes
toward glassy temperate climes
where sea birds sing their mellow chimes

my drink has took me to the brink
of what makes sense today
i put my big butt on the bench
and let the sail show me the way

slap my face
hold me from the next disgrace
of falling off the lowest deck
while rich above place cheap chance wreck
no one cares if i fall off
the boat she put me on
the boat she steers to wretched shores
my only chance to swim
from stem to stern and then to shore
oh how i wish there was a store
where i could buy a cheap lantern
and find my way back home.
shore weed tangle my listless leg
it keeps my head on rocks
the east wind blows my head ashore as best as it can
i wake again to sniff the girl I lost
and close my two d eyes
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