The Farmer and the Yam ~ remote collaboration

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Grumpy Mod
My musical collaborator and I had been working on a project that was our musical re-creations of odd and obscure fairy tales around the world.

One of them was an Ashanti tale, "The Farmer and the Yam". We decided to do a 'live' version, each of us, at our respective places, playing new parts along to our earlier-recorded version, after which I stuck all the bits together. The video was used in a virtual concert. I use the owrd 'live' advisedly, because, true to form, when performing I have the liveliness of sleep-deprived zombie.

The album version of the song is show in this clip, and was illustrated by kids who lioved just round the corner from me.

That was great!

Stage presence is overrated :). (Especially if you have such creative artists for the music video!)
The entire concept of doing the fairy tales is seriously cool. I loved the videos. This is my first visit to this section of the forum. I've been missing out .. Great job to everyone. mark