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My band has a couple of pretty good homemade mp3's available at

We recorded to a Tascam 488 and mixed down to my pc. Final normalizing and some post eq was done with sound forge.

Some of our equipment is good (guitar is a les paul custom plugged into a marshal, vocal mic is a decent AKG condensor)
and some isn't (bass is a squire jazz, drums are mic'd with *gasp* radio shack microphones.)

Location was also less then ideal. We did most of the recording in my drummers trailor house, and if you listen clsoe you can here floors/walls shaking :)

Regardless, though, I'm pretty happy with the final result. Let me know what you think.

-Nate K
Holy crap..I've been listening to MP's from this forum for about two hours and putting my two cents in every now and then, but I have to say, you guys are slick as owl shit. (uh, it's a Texas thing..means good.)Bass played like the percussion instrument it is, drums that took me back to Alice Cooper's drummer on the Schools Out album, cookin' guitarwork, vocals unrestrained but still on key...I hate you all.......gibs
Awesome!!! Done in a trailer with a 488? Great tune, good mix, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for making your music available to us.
The vocals sound quality is you think this is attributed more to the mic, or the compressor you use? If it's them mic, I may just replace my old sm57.

Thanks--sounds great!
I think the mic probably has more to do with it then the compression. (we used and Alesis compressor, by the way.) The mic is an AKG condensor. The part number escapes me (we borrowed the thing from my brother, and I'm not all that knowledgable about mics). The exact mic isn't the point though, any decent condensor will outperform an SM57 when it comes to vocal recording, or anything else where high end is important. SM57/58's are great all around mics, but are more suited to using live. Of course, it doesn't hurt any that Albert is one hell of a singer...

-Nate K
Thanks for your response; I forgot to mention that Albert IS one hell of a signer too! Awesome voice. (didn't mean to neglect that by focusing on the technical quality of the recording). You guys, rock...any plans on touring 'cause if you hit NYC, let me know.