The Chair

when I need a chair, I go to a used furniture warehouse. Last time, I got a Steelcase chair, retail 699 USD, for 89 dollars. Took the arms off and have an awesome guitar chair.

But be prepared to make more than one trip. They didn't have one I liked the first time but they get more stuff practically daily. So I went back and found one on my second trip. Don't settle for what's there. I didn't do that when I got my computer chair. Now I use my guitar chair for a computer chair as well. When I eventually get my music room set up in the basement, I'm going to need another chair again.
Well... I'm a big (310 lb) guy. Decided to try a heavy-duty expensive chair (over $500) built for recording.
It was built like a tank and very high-quality. Sadly, I ended up not liking it, and shipped it back.
Lesson learned: try the chair IN PERSON because.... all the ads, testimonials, and videos will not tell you how it feels and operates in real life.

I found myself sliding around on the mesh surface, and (despite being designed for larger people) the adjustable arm rests were a constant pain, and didn't offer enough side-to-side clearance. I was ready to take them off completely, but then I would have needed them on for other tasks. I could never get the correct balance of settings to make the front edge comfortable, and the back rest was more of a nuisance than it should have been. Some people would have thought it perfect... but I did not. I was considering the Herman Miller Aeron chair, but that, too has a mesh surface, which I already know I do not like.
So the search continues.

Your chair search adventure sounds like quite a journey. I totally get the struggle of finding the perfect balance between comfort and affordability. As for that headphone loop, a bit quirky, right? If you're still on the lookout, I found some great options at this place I stumbled upon recently. Just give it a click, and who knows, you might find the ideal work chair that fits your music-making vibes perfectly!

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